Tony Perkins Flogs Debunked Georgia “Suitcases” Claim

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

The image Democrats can’t seem to shake is the blockbuster video of four suitcases that appear to be stuffed with ballots, pulled out from under a table, and counted and scanned without election supervisors present. Regardless of how the media is trying to dismiss this story (and a simple Google search shows how desperately they’re trying), “legitimate ballots do not come in suitcases,” Rush Limbaugh pointed out.

Is it any wonder the media is having a tough time selling its “fair and honest election” headlines? Politico, one of the outlets on the ground in Georgia, was stunned at how many Americans still don’t believe the election results. Reporter James Arkin said they’d talked to more than two dozen voters, and “not a single person told Politico they thought Joe Biden had won the election.”

There was a time, the president told the crowd Saturday night, when “I used to say, ‘Without borders, we don’t have a country.’ I can also say that without an honest voting system, without an electoral process that’s honest and fair, we don’t have a country either.” Which is why, the president said, “Now is not the time to retreat. Now is the time to fight harder than before.”

Fox News reports:

A senior source in Raffensperger’s office told Fox News that the video has been investigated and claims that it showed ballot fraud deemed unfounded, adding that Fulton County election officials had a designated observer at the location the entire time — a practice that has been in place since June.

Raffensperger’s office also debunked allegations that the ballots were stuffed in a pair of “suitcases” that one election official pulled out from beneath a table in the video, saying footage shows the ballots in the cases that they were supposed to be kept in.