Study: Kohl’s COVID-Themed Xmas Ad Most Effective

Marketing Dive reports:

Heartfelt, soothing and wholesome advertisements are a staple of the annual holiday season, as marketers capitalize on the feelings of family and togetherness that so often accompany the holiday season.

Among all of this year’s holiday ads, Kohl’s scored well across a number of metrics. Long-form versions of the retailer’s “Give With All Your Heart” commercial, which takes viewers on the journey of a budding friendship over the course of lockdown, were the most heartfelt holiday ads by a qualitative landslide, even out-scoring two Hallmark ads.

Kohl’s spots held eight of the top 10 commercials in Ace Metrix’s value category, which indicates deals and promotions made a lasting impression on viewers or that value is part of the brand’s overall identity.

The Kohl’s spot launched shortly before Halloween and has gotten widespread acclaim outside of the marketing world. If you haven’t seen it, you might need a tissue.