Politico: How People Will Game The COVID Vax Lines

Politico reports:

The nation’s system for distributing coronavirus vaccines lacks safeguards to ensure the next wave of doses reaches the most critical workers and at-risk patients rather than star athletes or the well-connected. There’s little chance for anyone to jump the line right now while an extremely limited supply of the vaccine is being distributed.

But as soon as more doses become available to wider categories of people, much of the immunization program will rely on the honor system, and states will leave it to pharmacies, community health centers and individual employers to verify if someone requesting a shot falls into a priority category.

Read the full article. Politico notes that the inequities seen in the early crush for testing access will likely repeat itself. Of particular note, some may cross state lines as proof of residency is not required in most locations, nor is proof of being part of a prioritized group.