Perdue Edits Out China Work Experience In New Ad

The Huffington Post reports:

Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) is out with a new biographical campaign video touting his family roots and his successful business career as he fights to hold on to his seat ahead of a Jan. 5 runoff against Democrat Jon Ossoff.

The biographical information is nearly identical to a video he put out in 2014, with a key difference.

The new one removes a mention of the two years he spent in Hong Kong working for Sara Lee and takes out a picture of him and his wife at the Great Wall of China. Fearmongering about China has been a central theme of Perdue’s campaign.

Read the full article. As you may know, Perdue has falsely accused Ossoff of having been endorsed by the Communist Party and of having business ties to China. In fact, it’s Perdue who has an extensive work history in Asia and with Chinese companies.