Pastor Jazz Hands: Joe Biden’s Supporters Are Cursed

“We need to stand up for President Trump. We know that God’s will is President Trump. Look, President Trump is pro-life. He loves America.

“He boldly says ‘In God We Trust’ and plays God Bless The USA. And he helps the economy recover. He’s wise. And this helps the poor people.

“So God’s will is for President Trump. On the other hand, we see Joe Biden and the Democrats. They removed God from the Pledge Of Allegiance.

“That means the people following Joe Biden are cursed. If you want to be cursed, then go ahead and support Joe Biden and the devil.” – Pastor Steve “Jazz Hands” Andrew.

Andrew recently appeared on JMG when he appealed to LGBTs stop all their sinful fucking or God wouldn’t deliver the nation from coronavirus by Easter as Trump wanted.

Earlier that month Andrew appeared on JMG when he declared March to be “Repent Of LGBT Sin Month.”

His video in which he blamed gays for the coronavirus was deleted by YouTube after that JMG post.

Pastor Jazz Hands earned his nickname years ago on JMG because he is the nelliest Miss Thing to crack a bible since Ladybird Bachmann.