Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Signs Bill Requiring Women To Choose Burial Or Cremation For Aborted Fetal Tissue

Cleveland’s ABC News affiliate reports:

With a swift signature, Gov. Mike DeWine made Senate Bill 27 into law Wednesday. It’s a law that requires any aborted fetal tissue to be buried or cremated. Any woman who is getting an abortion can choose what she wants to do with the remains, and if she doesn’t want to choose, then the clinic will have to choose for her. If the clinic fails to do so, whoever did not, could face a fine or jail time.

In a statement, Molly Smith from The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, said they’re pleased that another pro-life law has been enacted and “that we have now adopted into law another important bill to honor life and keep the abortion industry accountable.” Laurel Powell with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio said that the law is another roadblock and unnecessary regulation for women who choose to get an abortion in the state.

The Hill reports:

Those who are found to have failed to meet the requirements defined in the bill are subject to face, “a misdemeanor of the first degree.” If cremation is chosen as the form of disposal then the remains must either be placed in a “grave, crypt, or niche” or scattered in a “dignified manner.”

Another abortion-related bill is currently waiting on DeWine’s desk to be signed. The bill, if signed would ban doctors and women from using telemedicine when conducting a medical abortion. Doctors who violate this law would face criminal charges.

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