Newsmax Host Sebastian Gorka Cuts Off MyPillow Nutbag Before He Can Tell More Voting Machine Lies

Media Matters has the transcript:

SEBASTIAN GORKA (HOST): Mike Lindell, why are you fighting the legal battle for election transparency? You’re “Mr. My Pillow ” — what’s going on?

MIKE LINDELL (GUEST): Well, I believe in this president, but — and I’ll tell you what, nobody realizes something, but a miracle we had on election night.

At 11:15, you know, you talked about all this fraud, Dr. The — the biggest fraud is the Dominion machines. And at 11:15 on election night, our great President —

GORKA: Mike, Mike. I don’t want to discuss — Mike, Mike. We’re not — we’re not — gonna get into the minutia of the details. I want to ask you —

As I reported yesterday, Newsmax has published a lengthy refutation of the crackpot claims made by its guests after getting legal threats from voting machine makers Dominion and Smartmatic. Yesterday a host read that statement on the air.