Newsmax Host Melts Down: “It’s Not Over!” [VIDEO]

“It’s not over! It’s not over! Yes, there is breaking news, the Supreme Court has turned down — you can put that — yeah, go ahead, leave it up.

“It’s not over, the Supreme Court did turn down the Texas case. You know by now the Attorney General of Texas was suing Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin along with about 20 other states.

“We have the order issued just a few minutes ago. I’ll read it for you but I want to emphasize before I do, we have the situation in Pennsylvania that has not been settled.

“We have Georgia that has not been settled, we have Michigan that has not been settled, independent of this lawsuit from Texas.

“You can go ahead and put that down now, we’ll go through the — the order in the pending case.” – Newsmax host Greg Kelly, last night.