NC “Christian Values” Venue Rejects Same-Sex Wedding

NBC News reports:

The newly engaged couple Kasey Mayfield and Brianna May did not expect to ignite an online backlash when they shared on Facebook a recent email exchange that Mayfield had with an employee at a North Carolina wedding venue.

In the exchange, Mayfield mentions potential wedding dates, the estimated number of guests and the “other bride.” In response, the venue informed her that The Warehouse on Ivy in Winston-Salem does “not host same sex marriage ceremonies.”

“If you’re wondering how wedding planning is going…thanks so much to The Warehouse on Ivy for letting us know we’re not welcome,” May captioned the photo of the exchange, which had over 1,400 shares on Tuesday.

McClatchy News reports:

North Carolina is one of 27 states with no “explicit statewide laws” offering protection from discrimination against the LGBTQ community, according to the website for the nonprofit Freedom for All Americans.

“The wedding venue is free to discriminate on the basis for sexual orientation in North Carolina,” Rick Su, professor of law UNC School of Law, wrote in an email to McClatchy News.

As you’ll see at the first link above, the venue claims to love everyone but their “Christian values” tell a different story.