MS Gov Announces Day Of Prayer Against COVID

From GOP Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves:

This has been a challenging, dare I say a very, very hard year for so many of our fellow Mississippians.

There has been so much suffering and for many of our fellow Mississippians, we continue to suffer.

As we close out this year, I felt the need to go to God in prayer for our state.

Ever since the beginning of this pandemic, we’ve tried to hold opportunities for our fellow Mississippians to pray, to pray together so we can be together.

We know that there is power in prayer. In fact, it is what God commands us to do.”

Today, I will sign a proclamation to declare a day of prayer, humility and fasting on this upcoming Sunday, Dec. 20.

As we have done throughout the history of this country, we will go to the Lord and ask for His protective hand over us as we conclude the year 2020 and as we enter the year 2021.