Michael Flynn Joins Call For Pro-Trump Military Coup

Law & Crime reports:

Recently pardoned former National Security Advisor and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Atlanta-based attorney L. Lin Wood joined a growing list of President Donald Trump’s devotees calling for martial law ­and having the military oversee a new presidential election.

Both Flynn and Wood tweeted their support for the effort to undermine the will of the American electorate, with the latter saying a U.S. civil war caused by China was inevitable. Attorneys noted that a former top U.S. intelligence official in Flynn was openly signing his name onto a military coup.

The movement stems from a full-page ad in the Washington Times that was taken out by a prominent Tea Party leader in Ohio who calls his group the We the People Convention. The ad erroneously claimed that Democrats “staged a four-year long coup” and illegally stole the election from President Trump.

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