Megachurch Pastor: The Global Response To COVID Has Been Foretold As Setting The Stage For The Antichrist

The Christian Post reports:

Pastor John MacArthur said on Sunday that world governments “have done something that’s never been done in human history” by making the pandemic issue and the response “global.”

“Now we are a global world. And that is a setup that we’ve been waiting for through redemptive history since the Lord promised that there would come, in the future, an Antichrist who would have a global government,” the 81-year-old pastor said.

“As you look at the book of Revelation, there’s the mark of the beast, the number, and if you don’t have that, you don’t buy, you don’t sell, you don’t exist.”

As I have reported multiple times, MacArthur has engaged in a legal battle with the state of California over lockdown restrictions. He is represented by Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis and an anti-LGBT hate group. He says he would welcome being imprisoned for his lockdown violations because he would be able to launch a “jail ministry.”

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