Meadows Tried To Prove Humans Lived With Dinosaurs

Roger Sollenberger writes at Salon:

Last week, Lin Wood, a right-wing Georgia attorney who has recently inserted himself into Donald Trump’s failed crusade to rewrite the results of the election, attacked White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

“Someone needs to do a deep dive on @MarkMeadows,” Wood wrote on Twitter. “I have heard there are some serious skeletons.” In a sense, Wood is correct about skeletons — as well as about digging deep.

Meadows had since at least 2018 apparently failed to disclose a loan and monthly income of $11,000 related to the sale of a deed to a Colorado fossil park dedicated to promoting the creationist fiction that humans coexisted with dinosaurs.

Read the full article for a deep dive into Meadows’ long and bizarre history with the creationist movement. Good grief.