Kraken Lawyer: Death Of Loeffler Aide Was “Planned”

Mediaite report:

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood floated a conspiracy that the death of Gov. Brian Kemp’s (R-GA) daughter’s boyfriend was “planned” — daring his followers to “search for the truth.”

Replying to a post from Wood, which claimed there was voter fraud in the 2020 Election, a Twitter user piled on with more baseless and shocking theories. “This is much more sinister than just corruption,” they wrote.

“Brian Kemp calls for signature verification, the next day his daughter’s boyfriend dies in an explosive car crash I don’t believe in coincidences.” Instead of shutting down the utterly deranged conspiracy, Wood promoted it, sharing the tweet with his 735.4 thousand followers.

As I reported over the weekend, the QAnon idiots are claiming that the kid’s car was hit by a guided rocket (or something) because he was about to expose voter fraud in Georgia. My original report on these batshit claims is here.