Junior’s Georgia Radio Ad: My Daddy Is On The Ballot

Axios reports:

In a six-figure radio ad being released in Georgia today, Donald Trump Jr. tells the state’s voters that the U.S. Senate — and his father’s accomplishments — are on the line during January’s special election, according to audio obtained by Axios.

Why it matters: Trump Jr.’s first of many advertisements in the Georgia Senate races argues the race isn’t just about electing the Republican incumbents, but also about preserving President Trump’s agenda.

Between the lines: The ad comes as President Trump continues to criticize Georgia officials over the handling of the presidential election results, something many Republicans fear could threaten the party’s ability to win the Senate races.

The ads are paid for by a newly-formed PAC made up of Junior’s buddies. Some see the PAC as laying the groundwork for Junior’s own eventual bid for office.