How Trump’s Filthy Mouth Coarsened Political News

Axios reports:

President Trump’s brash communication style — combined with a societal shift towards streaming, where there are no regulatory restrictions on speech — has forced the entire media industry to present information in a more candid and less polished way.

It’s no longer uncommon to hear cable anchors use foul language or for TV or radio personalities to make indecent remarks on air. Now that the standard has been set, it’s hard to see how networks and news outlets could go back to their postured presentations of the past.

Beginning with Trump’s campaign in 2015, networks had to consider how to cover obscenities associated with his speech. The Access Hollywood tape forced networks to grapple with how to cover Trump remarks that were newsworthy, but not previously considered acceptable for broadcast television.

At the link you’ll find a recounting of the various ways major networks have reported, usually verbatim, on the potty-mouth declarations by Trump and his army of shitbags.