Graham Decides It’s Time To Care About National Debt

Raw Story reports:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spent Christmas Day on the golf course with President Donald Trump after vetoing the defense funding bill. After signing off on several pieces of COVID-19 legislation and a massive tax break for corporations and the wealthy, Graham has suddenly discovered that there’s a national debt concern.

George Will writes at the Washington Post:

Graham, the malleable South Carolinian, says the time has come for “a dialogue about how we can finally begin to address the debt.” Finally the time is at last ripe. Which means a Democratic administration approaches.

What Graham wants finally to begin is a “dialogue,” which is one of Washington’s two favorite words (the other is “conversation”) to signal protracted solemnity without politically risky actions.

If Republicans control the Senate in January, Lindsey Graham will become chairman of the Budget Committee and finally there will be a dialogue about debt. Or a conversation.