GA Anti-Abortion Group: Reject All COVID Vaccines

Just in via press release:

Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) announced today its policy opposing vaccines whose development exploited the intentional death of a pre-born child.

“The production and testing of vaccines using the remains of aborted human beings, regardless of manner of conception, is morally wrong and must be opposed. GRTL strongly urges the rejection of such vaccines,” the policy statement says.

COVID-19 vaccines developed by both Moderna and Pfizer/BioNtech employed a testing process, either by them or a third party, that used a cell line obtained from the kidney of an aborted child.

A third vaccine being pursued by AstraZeneca is even worse. It uses that same cell line for production of its vaccine.

“Exploiting the death of a child for any reason–no matter how noble—is morally wrong. It denies the Personhood of a pre-born child.”

Earlier this month Britain’s Catholic bishops ruled that getting the vaccine is not a sin because its development is far enough removed from the original sinful act.