Fox Host: The Supreme Court Fears The Democrats

“You don’t have to be a legal scholar to figure out what’s taking place in this country right now. An order was issued 40 minutes after the last brief was filed by the United States Supreme Court. In other words, it had already made up its mind in the case of Pennsylvania.

“I think the Supreme Court justices now, I think they’re very fearful. I think they’re fearful the way Justice Owen Roberts became fearful after FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court.

“Then the Supreme Court would issue rulings five to four,  five to four, five to four over and over again with Owen Roberts switching in support of FDR’s programs; before that, they were knocking them down because FDR threatened to pack the court. He wanted to add six seats, six.

“This court knows full well that if Joe Biden’s president and if the Democrats win two seats in Georgia, that there’s really no way to stop the Democrats from actually packing the court. FDR couldn’t do it, but they could.” – Fox Host Mark Levin, on his radio show.