Fox News Anchor Confronts Scalise: You Tried To Throw Out The Votes Of Ten Million Biden Supporters [VIDEO]

The Hill reports:

“You were talking about disenfranchising the 10 million Biden voters who supported [President-elect Biden] in those four states,” Wallace said on “Fox News Sunday,” referring to the Texas lawsuit, rejected late Friday. “Do you feel comfortable throwing out millions of votes of your fellow Americans?” Wallace asked Scalise.

Scalise responded that “nobody wants any votes thrown out.” That’s what the lawsuit would have done,” Wallace countered. Scalise went on to note that the Supreme Court “said Texas didn’t have standing, they didn’t say they were going to address the merits,” speculating the court was unwilling to involve itself in such a politically charged issue.

Scalise went on to dodge questions on whether he’ll ever accept Biden as president, saying, “Let’s let the legal process play out.” Scalise last appeared on JMG when he faced an ethics complaint for posting a doctored video of Biden.