Fake Nevada Electors Cast Votes For Trump [VIDEO]

From the far-right Charisma News:

Amidst media reports from major outlets confirming Joe Biden’s victory in the Nevada electoral college vote for president of the United States, six Republican electors met outside the Nevada State Legislature Monday to cast their symbolic votes for Donald J. Trump to retain the nation’s highest office.

In a video from the Right Side Broadcasting Network, Republican electors said they plan to send the certifications from their reenactment to Washington, D.C. State by state today, electors have cast their votes, sealed them and are sending them to Washington, D.C., to be opened prior to the Jan. 20 inauguration.

As you’ll see in the clip, the fake electors respectfully take off their MAGA hats before praying. Note how officiously they perform for the camera as they “cast” their fake votes. The video has nearly 900,000 views at this writing.