Esquire: Mercenary Erik Prince Owes Trump A Favor

Esquire reports:

The massacre in Nisour Square for which the four Blackwater guards were doing time was as bad an incident as can be found in the history of that godawful cluster of fck. A cabdriver got shot in the back. A mother and her infant son were killed, and one of the Blackwater contractors kept firing into crowds of civilians even while the other contractors begged him to stop.

But, as we have learned over time, the president* has a sweet-tooth for war criminals of one kind or another. All they have to do is to get someone to plead their case on Fox News, thereby guaranteeing the president*’s attention, and they’re halfway home. Erik Prince owes the president* a favor. Ponder that.

Read the full article. Prince last appeared on JMG when he claimed that Black Lives Matter protesters are being secretly paid in Bitcoin.