Erick Erickson: Attorney Lin Wood Is Democrat Plant

Right wing columnist Erick Erickson writes:

Standing on stage at a stop the steal rally, Attorney Lin Wood, urged Georgia Republican voters to stay home and refrain from supporting the GOP in the special election runoffs that will decide control of the United States Senate. Wood has a history of helping the Democrats.

He funded John Edwards’s presidential campaign. He funded Barack Obama’s campaign. He funded various other Democratic Senate campaigns to help Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. Now he has taken the lead in suppressing the Republican vote in Georgia.

Now this Democrat who opposed David Perdue in 2014 is telling Republican voters to avoid voting for Perdue in the runoff. It turns out the Kraken is a deep state ploy to suppress the Republican vote and hand the Senate to Joe Biden so the Democrats can impose their gun tax and wipe out Donald Trump’s legacy.

Lin Wood, who did not vote for Donald Trump in the Georgia presidential primary but did vote for Obama, wants you to let the Democrats destroy the Trump legacy. Will Georgia Republicans believe his lies or stand and fight?

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