DeVos: Stop Teaching “Anti-American Fake History”

The sister of a bloodthirsty mercenary writes for Fox News:

This pandemic has laid bare a number of things about American education, not the least of which is that it’s not entirely American; in too many places, students are taught outright anti-American material. Look no further than the infamous 1619 Project launched by The New York Times. It’s a debunked reframing of history.

Instruction that misconstrues American history or outright lies about it is not instruction at all. Worse still when it’s the only option for too many families. That underscores the massive unmet demand for more education options.

This Trump Administration strongly supports the bipartisan School Choice Now Act, which would directly fund families and allow them to choose the best educational setting for their child. The scholarships could also support students attending the school that best meets their needs or that doesn’t teach fake history.

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