Cuomo Reports “Dramatic” Jump In NY Positivity Rate

The New York Daily News reports:

New York’s COVID stats skyrocketed over the weekend, but it remains unclear if the spike is a post-holiday surge or due to a dip in testing, Gov. Cuomo said Monday. The percentage of New Yorkers who tested positive for the virus rose to 8.3% on Sunday, a 3% uptick from two days prior, which the governor called “statistically improbable.”

“This is a jump from Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” Cuomo said during a briefing in Albany. “Two days after Christmas. We have been talking about potential for spread during Christmas; for it to go up in two days is dramatic and very, very fast.

The state reported the results of 124,866 COVID-19 tests statewide on Sunday, a slight drop as New York has been recording closer to 200,000 tests a day in recent weeks, Cuomo argued.

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