Cuomo Cuts Ribbon On New NYC Train Station [VIDEO]

Gothamist reports:

Under a soaring vaulted skylight and a massive Art Deco clock, Governor Andrew Cuomo formally unveiled the new Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station Wednesday with an official—and socially distanced—ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“This is a work of art that we don’t build anymore. It’s too breathtaking and ambitious to ask, ‘Can we really do that?’ Many doubters said it was too bold and audacious but we said we could,” Cuomo said at the ceremony. “This is a great public work. A different kind of statement that says we understand and appreciate the significance of public works.”

Train operations at the Moynihan Train Hall are expected to begin January 1st. The $1.6 billion project turns the century-old James A. Farley post office building into a transit hub, increasing Penn Station’s size by 50%.

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