Covidiot AZ State Rep Dares Capitol Police To Arrest Her

The Arizona Republic reports:

State Sen.-elect Kelly Townsend is asserting what she seems to believe is her God-given right to spread illness. The legislative session has yet to begin and already Townsend has defiantly informed Senate President Karen Fann that she will not follow a mandate to wear a face covering while in the building.

“I’ve already told them where I stand. What are they going to do? Arrest me?” Townsend told Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services. A mask is a simple form of protection against the novel coronavirus for the wearer and for the individuals he or she comes into contact with.

To Townsend, it is a violation of rights. Hers, anyway. Townsend told Fischer, “They’re going to physically block me from the building? Well, that’d be fun.”