Christian Think Tank Celebrates Anniversary With No Mention Of Co-Founder Jerry “Literal Cuck” Falwell Jr.

Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch:

Liberty University’s Falkirk Center celebrated its one-year anniversary this week. The Center describes its purpose as “educating, inspiring, and mobilizing Christians in the battle to preserve American liberty and rally citizens in an effort to shape government policies, national institutions, and American society through a Biblical worldview.”

The anniversary blog post included no mention of the Falkirk Center’s co-founder Jerry Falwell, Jr., the university’s disgraced former president. The Falkirk moniker is a fusion of Falwell’s name and that of cofounder Charlie Kirk, who heads the right-wing youth organizing project Turning Point USA, as well as a reference to the battle of Falkirk, memorialized in the movie Braveheart.

Board members at the Falkirk Center include Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis, Sebastian Gorka, Erix Metaxas, and former GOP Rep. David Brat.