Brian Brown: Send Money To Stop “Biden’s America”

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Biden’s America is coming ever more clearly into view. And it isn’t a pretty picture…

This week, Biden is celebrating the announcement of his pick of Pete Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary — his former primary opponent who is in a same-sex “marriage” and is radically left on all LGBT issues.

But even apart from this cabinet position announcement, all other indications of what a Joe Biden-led nation would look like have this in common: an assault on people of faith and their deeply held values.

The picture we’re getting from pundits and policy makers of what a future America under Joe Biden’s leadership might look like is not a hopeful one.

At the end of what has been a very bad year by all accounts, I personally want to look forward to a BETTER future for my children and grandchildren — and I know you do too.

But this will only happen if we WORK TOGETHER. Will you stand with us in this critical effort by becoming a monthly supporter?