Bannon Rips Ingraham For Denouncing The Kraken: They’re “Very Smart” To Call For Boycotting GA Election

“No, Laura, they’re not that stupid. What they want is focus on the here and now. We must sort out exactly what happened on November 3rd and the days after. We’re about one month after the alleged crimes happen.

“And Laura Ingraham, this is called a sine qua non — this, before that. OK?  “This is essential. No, they’re not stupid.

“In fact, they’re very, very, very smart and Laura Ingraham, and I love you, you’ve been part of this movement for a long time.

“These people are fighters and they’re just not gonna look away and say ‘Oh we’ll take care of the future.’ No, the future is now.” – Steve Bannon, after playing last night’s clip of Ingraham denouncing the “seriously misguided” Kraken lawyers.