Armed Extremists Storm Oregon Statehouse [VIDEO]

OPB Politics reports:

The Oregon State Police declared an unlawful assembly as a growing number of protesters pushed their way through the Capitol doors chanting, “let us in” and “arrest Kate Brown.”

Police officers donned gas masks as they squared off with protesters, some of whom carried firearms and bear spray, and many of whom were not wearing masks.

Among the protesters were members of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group based in Vancouver, Washington, that that attracts white supremacists and has engaged in violence.

The Daily Beast reports:

“I’m here to support the constitutional rights of people and of Oregon business [owners.] These people are unemployed and their lives are being ruined by this situation and most importantly by a government that seems to have taken totalitarian views,” one protester who would identify himself only by his first name, Duane, told The Daily Beast.

Around 10 a.m., troopers from inside the building began to push protesters toward the north door. More than a dozen officers were also outside, fanning out protesters who tried to push back.  “You are traitors to the American people,” one demonstrator shouted at the troopers inside the building.