Another GOP Rep Calls On Trump To Impose Martial Law

The Washington Post reports:

On Facebook, North Carolina state Sen. Bob Steinburg (R) paraphrased a conservative commentator to make a radical suggestion: President Trump should declare a national emergency, suspend civil rights and remain in power over his baseless claims of election fraud.

Asked by a local TV station on Tuesday whether he stands by those sentiments, Steinburg doubled down, insisting that nefarious forces had corrupted President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

“There’s something going on here bigger than what anybody is willing to talk about,” Steinburg told WRAL Tuesday evening. “I don’t like conspiracy theories at all. But something is going on here that’s bigger than meets the eye.”

Read the full article. Steinburg last appeared on JMG in 2013 when he backed a bill that would have made Christianity the official religion of North Carolina. In August, Facebook removed a batshit COVID conspiracy claim from his page.