WSJ Board Urges Trump To “Concede Gracefully”

The Hill reports

The Wall Street Journal editorial board on Friday issued a stern warning urging President Trump to “concede gracefully” if Democratic nominee Joe Biden is named the ultimate winner of the presidential race, saying Trump’s “legacy will be diminished greatly if his final act is a bitter refusal to accept a legitimate defeat.”

“If Mr. Biden has 270 Electoral College votes at the end of the counting and litigation, President Trump will have a decision to make. We hope in that event he would concede gracefully,” the editorial board wrote.

“He has accomplished a great deal since descending on that Trump Tower escalator in 2015, including his historic first victory and a strong re-election performance when he was supposed to lose in a rout. We’d hate to see that legacy ruined by a refusal to accept the normal transfer of power.”

The editorial is behind a paywall.