Twitter Boots Prominent QAnon/GOP Trump Cultist

NBC News reports:

Former Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero was suspended from Twitter on Tuesday afternoon shortly after publishing a tweet that baselessly claimed immigrants would enter the U.S. and commit violence if Trump is not elected.

Twitter told NBC News that Tesoriero’s account, which had over 393,000 followers, “was permanently suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter Rules.” Tesoriero was also a proponent of the false QAnon conspiracy theory.

Lorraine last appeared on JMG when she claimed Democrats infected Trump’s debate microphone with COVID. Before that, she appeared here when she called for organizing militias to attack “little skinny soy boys who can’t even swim.” Along with Shitbag Todd Starnes, Lorraine was a primary promulgator of the “empty hospitals” claims in the early days of the pandemic.