Trump’s Favorite Rapper “Little Pimp” Did Not Vote

The New York Daily News reports:

Rapper Lil’ Pump, born Gazzy Garcia, gave his full-throated support to President Trump’s run for re-election. He didn’t, however, bother registering to vote, according to The Smoking Gun. The 20-year-old posted a video on Instagram where he has 17-million followers declaring “All I gotta say is Trump 2020, b-tch!.” It’s no longer online.

The Sunday before the election, Lil’ Pump attended a Trump rally near his native Miami, where he reportedly wore a MAGA cap and met Donald Trump Jr. President Trump gave Lil’ Pump a shoutout, calling him “Little Pimp,” then asked him to come up to the podium. The rapper did just that and told the crowd “MAGA 202020 — don’t forget that!”