Trump Team Drops Moronic AZ “Sharpiegate” Suit

Law & Crime reports:

The morning after a brutal hearing in which a lawyer for outgoing President Donald Trump’s campaign distanced himself from voter fraud allegations, the legal team hastily declared its case moot.

The move followed a day of embarrassing stumbles in a case that began as a way to test Republicans’ baseless “Sharpiegate” conspiracy theory in court. During the morning session of the 9:30 a.m. hearing on Thursday, Langhofer unsuccessfully tried to admit hundreds of affidavits delivered to them through an online form created after the election.

Langhofer conceded that he did not authenticate the statements, but he insisted that the court could trust their reliability because the affiants had to use a CAPTCHA, which weeded out the bots. But the campaign acknowledged that their investigation showed that some of the affidavits contained obviously false statements and “spam.”