Trump Plays Video Of Biden’s Verbal Flubs Just Before Introducing Rapper Lil Pump As “Little Pimp” [VIDEO]

The Independent reports:

Moments after showing the crowd a compilation of Joe Biden’s gaffes at his Michigan rally, Donald Trump called the rapper Lil Pump “Little Pimp” as he invited him on to the stage.

In his last rally for the 2020 elections at Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Monday night Mr Trump called the rapper on stage in front of the cheering crowd, and identified him as “one of the big superstars of the world”.

Lil Pump, who was nominated for best new artist at the VMAs in 2018 and whose breakthrough came with the 2017 hit “Gucci Gang”, has previously said he is going to “move the fuck out” of the US and go “to Colombia” if Mr Trump doesn’t win the election.