Trump Lies About Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving Address

First, a reminder on Biden’s address:

The day before Thanksgiving offered a jarring contrast between President-elect Joe Biden and President Trump, who has yet to concede he lost the election. Biden on Wednesday delivered a Thanksgiving address in Wilmington, Del., calling on Americans to unite in protecting their communities as they celebrate the holiday this year amid the raging coronavirus pandemic.

Citing the sacrifices of doctors, nurses and other frontline workers, Biden called on Americans to redouble their efforts in combating the virus, referring to basic health safety measures such as social distance and mask-wearing as a “patriotic duty.” Minutes earlier, Trump called in from the White House to an informal meeting of Pennsylvania lawmakers, repeating baseless claims about the election being “rigged.”

Biden’s Thanksgiving address was posted to his Twitter account in multiple parts and each post got over one million views. The full address posted to his Periscope account got about the same. Millions more views came via YouTube, where the address was posted in full by multiple outlets.