Trump Claims Biden Has To Prove He Got 80M Votes

The Independent reports:

Donald Trump appears to have already backtrack on his pledge to leave the White House if Joe Biden wins in the Electoral College in December. On Thursday, Mr Trump said he would leave the White House if Mr Biden beats him in the Electoral College.

On Friday, he backtracked on the pledge and appended a number of additional conditions that Mr Biden would have to meet to ensure the president’s peaceful exit from the White House. Mr Trump’s tweet repeated unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud.

Mediaite reports:

First of all, this is not how general elections work. No candidate needs to prove the veracity of state by state election results. It is up to the Secretary of State to approve and certify the election results, which, by design, makes it far more challenging for systemic voter fraud to occur across the nation.

By claiming that Biden needs to prove that every one of his record-tallying votes is in fact true, Trump is either parading his ignorance of a system in place for centuries, or he is willfully misinforming his Twitter audience. Neither of these explanations is terribly charitable to the sitting president (he is either being stupid or lying in this tweet.)