Terror Threat Made Over Pope Congratulating Biden

San Antonio’s NBC News affiliate reports:

A man has been arrested for allegedly sending multiple emails threatening a local church, using political, racial and religious themes. William Edward Bender, 55, allegedly began sending these emails to the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit & Kids of the Kingdom Episcopal School.

An email from Nov. 8 allegedly details an interaction Bender had with another person, asking if “it was time to start killing people.” Bender also allegedly wrote “I’m going to let those Democrats live for a while longer,” in the email, according to court records.

“You want priests getting covered in gasoline, and set on fire? Because this is how you get priest covered in gasoline, and set on fire,” the email reads, according to court records. Court records state this email included a link to when the Pope congratulated Joe Biden on his projected Presidential victory.

In another email Bender allegedly raged about “satan-possessed Jews” and said he’d like to have a “head shot,” presumably at a priest. The church has hired armed security and told children not to attend for now. Bender has been charged with making a terrorist threat.