Stephen Moore: It’s “Very Depressing” That Biden Won

The Daily Beast reports:

The official position of Donald Trump, his administration, and his reelection campaign is that he won the election that he just lost. But one of the campaign’s top surrogates bluntly says that Joe Biden indeed won, and he’s urging the president and the White House to focus on enshrining as many Trump policies as possible before the Democratic president-elect assumes power and starts undoing them.

“It is what it is,” Stephen Moore, an official Trump 2020 surrogate and an outside adviser to the president on economic and COVID-19 policy, told The Daily Beast. “It’s very depressing to me.” Moore said President Trump should turn his attention to making sure there are “no blue-state bailouts” on his watch at this stage of the coronavirus and economic crisis, and to ensure there is “no increase in unemployment benefits.”

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