State Election Officials Offended By Trump’s “Fraud” Lies

ABC News reports:

For many of the officials who helped guide the nation through a 2020 presidential election that saw record turnout in the midst of a deadly pandemic, the past two weeks of protests and cries of voter fraud have been both baffling and frustrating. “We’re rather offended because we know how hard we worked to conduct free and fair elections and follow Florida law,” said Jennifer Edwards, the supervisor of elections in Collier County, Florida.

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon told ABC News the allegations are “an insult to the tens of thousands of people who worked very hard to administer an election.” These officials and dozens of others reached by ABC News uniformly described the election as clean. Regardless of their party affiliation, not one of the officials reached in 46 states and the District of Columbia reported having found evidence of significant fraud or irregularities that would have marred or reshaped the presidential race.

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