Scam PAC Seeks To Cash In On “Stop The Steal” Idiots

Salon reports:

The right-wing trolls behind the baseless “Stop the Steal” election fraud movement have launched a political action committee (PAC) to cash in on the false claim that the election was rigged against President Donald Trump, according to a filing posted this weekend on the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) website.

The organization, called Stop the Steal PAC, shows signs of being what campaign finance watchdogs know as a “scam PAC” — a for-profit fundraising vehicle that professes to support a cause but in reality ends up pocketing most of the money for its members, or shuffles it off to contracted firms.

Stop the Steal PAC’s treasurer, Patrick Krason, and his wife Crystal are affiliated with a number of these small-time PACs. For instance, Krason also launched the Draft Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Arkansas PAC, but lives in West Virginia, had never visited Arkansas and had no connection to the former White House press secretary or her family.

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