Perkins: The Media Are The Enemies Of Democracy

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

No wonder the Left is trying to rush this process through. Any scenario that pushes the outcome into mid-December makes a Biden presidency more uncertain. In 2000, we took our time, Tucker Carlson insisted. Americans waited 36 days for a winner to Bush v. Gore. It was painful, he reminded everyone, but in the end it was worth it.

“Our system works,” he urged. “It has worked before.” So it’s time for the media to stop shaming Donald Trump, censoring information from the states, and declaring premature winners. Back then, “almost everyone in the media was a partisan Democrat. But… they understood that preserving the public’s faith in the system… was more important than getting Al Gore or anyone else into the White House.”

That’s changed, and Donald Trump knows it. This time around, the Republican in the race doesn’t have the media’s support for a fair resolution — he has their scorn. In not 36 days, but three, commentators have demanded everything from Trump’s concession to his arrest.

They are no longer allies in the pursuit of democracy — but enemies. Trump will fight, because he doesn’t fear them. And because he knows that this is more about protecting our country and its processes than it is about protecting his job.

If the American people throw in the towel early, it will be as much their fault as the Left’s that the social trust is broken. Because at the end of the day, we don’t all have to want Donald Trump to win — but we should all hope the rule of law does.