Parents Group Warns Against Social Media Site Parler As Rife With Racists, Nazis, Death Threats Against Obama

From the right wing Daily Caller:

An advocacy group is warning parents about Parler, a social media app that has been touted as a free-speech platform and alternative to Twitter.

Parents Together Action warned parents about the surging popularity of the app in the wake of the presidential election and its “extremist user base and almost non-existent moderation of content” in a statement published Thursday.

Parents Together Action says that posts calling for violence following President Donald Trump’s defeat in the election have become rife. It points to examples of posts calling for former president Barack Obama to be killed, and posts with hashtags referencing civil war.

From the group:

Parents should know that due to Parler’s dangerous combination of an extremist user base and almost non-existent moderation of content, hate speech, incitements to violence and disinformation about the election results are pervasive on the platform.

Parents Together urges all parents of children under age 18 to immediately check their kids’ phones and tablets to ensure that their children have not installed Parler. If your child has installed Parler, we strongly recommend that you delete their account and the app.

The fact that Parler does not require users to share their age or birth date during the app sign-up process makes it even more important for parents to proactively check their children’s devices.

Parler is owned by the Mercer family and Dan Bongino.