Ohio Gov: COVID Is Jeopardizing Health Care Staffing

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports:

As coronavirus cases continue to skyrocket in Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine threatened to order bars, restaurants and fitness centers closed in one week if newly confirmed cases continue to increase. During an evening address to Ohioans, DeWine said that the current surge presents a different challenge than in the spring, when the main concern was a lack of hospital space. Rather, health workers continue to be infected with coronavirus, jeopardizing the staff available to help treat patients.

Our health care workers are quite frankly exhausted,” he continued. “They’ve been running a marathon for nine months straight, and with this new wave and the onset of flu season, it’s like they’re starting the race all over again.” DeWine cautioned that “if we don’t change this,” Ohio hospitals will not be able to adequately give emergency care and other “important, but less urgent care.”