OH Covidiot Arrested After Brandishing Brass Knuckles

Cleveland’s ABC News reports:

A 20-year-old man is now facing concealed weapons charges after police said he pulled out a pair of brass knuckles inside an Erie County Walmart after a dispute over the state’s mask requirement inside stores.

According to a detailed police report filed by the Perkins Township Police Department, Colyn Tusin, of Milan, refused to put a mask on inside the store located at 5500 Milan Road on Saturday evening.

Police say Tusing also had a razor blade in his pocket. “While escorting [Tusing] from the store, he referred to the brass knuckles as being ‘a deadly weapon.’ He also stated, ‘do you really think I’m [expletive] scared of you?’” according to Curran.

Last month Tusing posted a photo of the brass knuckles as his Facebook page’s profile image. Before then his profile photo was his collection of knives.