Nobody Answers Trump’s “Voter Fraud” Hotline, Callers Only Hear Trump’s 2016 Rants About Hillary’s Emails

The New York Post reports:

Eric Trump tweeted out a phone number that was supposedly a place to report voting irregularities — but all callers got was just some of the president’s old campaign speeches about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

When the number is dialed, no one answers. Instead, a loop of Trump’s campaign speeches is played over and over again and many of them appear to be from 2016. “The only one who can stop this corrupt machine is you,” the recording says about 10 minutes in, after a long riff about former Secretary of State Clinton’s emails.

“This will be our last chance to save it on November 8,” it continues in a reference to Election Day 2016. After 16 minutes of various Trump speeches, a robotic operator cuts off the call.

NOTE: As evidenced by this mocking report, the New York Post has made an abrupt U-turn after weeks of flogging the Hunter Biden crapola. Doubtlessly, this is the result of Hair Furor screaming at Rupert Murdoch about Fox News calling Arizona for Biden.