MO Health Official Resigns Due To Threats By Cultists

“I’ve had strange cars driving back and forth past my house. I get threatening messages from people saying they’re watching me.

“They followed my family to the park and took pictures of my kids. How insane is that?

“I know it’s my job to be out front talking about the importance of public health — educating people, keeping them safe. Now it kind of scares me.

“The police here have been really great. The elementary school says they’re watching over my kids and they’re on high alert. I have a security system now at my house.

“I locked down my email and took all my family photos off of Facebook, but you start wondering: Is this worth it? Could anything possibly be worth it?

“I don’t go out in public very much anymore. It’s work and then back home. I don’t want to be recognized. I don’t want my kids to see any of that hate.

“The one place where I had to draw the line was that my son plays baseball, and honestly, his games are the most normal I’ve felt all year.

“But then, a little while ago, somebody took a photo at a game of me with my daughter. We were outside and social-distanced, so we weren’t wearing masks.

“The photo got posted all over social media, and it was the usual comments. Bitch. Communist. Hypocrite.” – Missouri health official Amber Elliot, who resigned yesterday.