Mike Pence Cancels Vacation To Florida After Backlash

The Associated Press reports:

Vice President Pence is no longer going to Florida on vacation as planned this week, administration officials say. Pence is instead staying back in Washington as the president seeks to overturn results in a number of states with unproven allegations of widespread voter fraud, officials say.

Pence argued to senators Tuesday they should stick with the president and gave a presentation on legal actions the team planned to file in many states. But Pence has been largely out of the limelight and did not attend a news conference that he was invited to attend in Philadelphia last week to allege fraud

The invitation by some of the president’s outside advisers was declined by Marc Short, the vice president’s chief of staff, who believed it would be inappropriate for him to attend.

Right wingers had blasted Pence on social media for “hiding out” while Trump continues his voter fraud crapola.